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laser beam welding

April 2014
SWS-Trimac is accepting resumes for both Quality & Process Engineers.  Competitive wages, health insurance and other benefits are offered.  Applicants subject to drug screening and background check.  Contact HR for further information.

March 2014
SWS-Trimac increases workforce by 15% in 2014 to meet customer needs.

January 2014
SWS-Trimac launches company-wide Lean Manufacturing Campaign.  This effort will help eliminate waste, promote higher quality, and position SWS-Trimac to offer competitive pricing.

December 2013
SWS-Trimac now offers Laser Marking.

November 2013

SWS-Trimac adds a fifth hard vacuum Electron Beam Welder.  This will increase our capacity to meet customer demands. A second walk-in stress relieve furnace will support the added welding capacity.

July 2013
SWS-Trimac adds Okuma Lathe with live tooling which offers multi-function machining capabilities.

April 2013
SWS-Trimac adds two additional Trumpf TruDisk Laser welding systems. The first is designed as a twin head production welding cell with laser beam switching capabilities.  The second is a CNC cell paired with a 3D Programmable Focusing Optic (PFO).  Both cells are designed for the flexibility and short cycle times of Laser Welding.

SWS Trimac

SWS-Trimac, Inc. has been serving the needs of the biomedical, defense, aerospace, automotive, and
machine tool industries for 40 years.

SWS-Trimac, Inc. has been providing Engineering services along with electron beam and laser welding, laser cutting, CNC machining, plus destructive and non-destructive testing services to the automotive, aerospace, biomedical, chemical, defense and other markets since 1967. We specialize in joining metals: from the standard 1018 carbon and stainless steels to the more exotic aerospace-grade aluminum, titanium, copper, nickel and cobalt alloys. From small-lot prototype development to large volume turnkey production, we are a contract manufacturer that consistently meets customer specification and timing requirements.

SWS-Trimac, Inc. exists as a solution to your metal joining and machining problems. We strive to be your path of least resistance. Often times, solutions do not always come easy, our perseverance in investigating alternative joint designs, fixturing, manufacturing techniques and materials, pays off! Our People - engineers, qualified technicians, machinists and quality staff exist at SWS-Trimac, Inc. for one reason: to aid you, the customer, in becoming more capable and competitive.

SWS - Trimac Services:

SWS-Trimac Inc. offers services in the following areas: Laser Welding , EB Welding,
Electron Beam Welding , Medical Welding , Automotive Welding , Production Welding , Prototype Welding,
Titanium Welding , Stainless Steel Welding.

If you would like to read more about each service please click on the name of the service you would like to inquire about , or you can use our menu above to select the service you are interested in.

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